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About Mancunian Way

We are Team Amazing. It may sound like a bold statement but the last 8 yrs has proved that with determination, passion, a vision and surrounding yourself with like minded people then you can create change and improve the lives around you. 

The initial idea of the charity came while watching the riots out of my office window at Bootle St Police Station in Manchester city centre. What were we all going to do to stop the next generation of Mancunians from making the same mistake? I applied for voluntary redundancy and used my payout to fund the charity for the first 2 years. 

8 years later and we are a multi-award winning charity with ground breaking projects that get to heart of social issues, empower people to make positive informed choices, build resilience and constantly promote personal responsibility. 

We have previously been referred to as a 'dark charity' because we do not pick pink and fluffy issues to tackle, we do the work no one else can, at the times no one else wants to work, with the individuals no one else cares about.

We do not class people as victims or hand out pity, we give people reality checks, we ensure they understand what an amazing country they live in and show them all the opportunities on offer. We then try to teach them how to grasp these opportunities with both hands. 

We may be a charity, but we don't do charity!

We do it the Mancunian Way!