About Us

David  Gale,  Former Executive Head  Chef at  the  Manchester Hilton and Mancunian  Way Ambassador: “I picked Mancunian Way to support because when I was growing up in Wythenshawe I saw at first hand how young people could easily make the wrong decision and get caught up in the Criminal Justice System which could ruin the rest of their life. We shouldn’t be waiting to deal with offenders, but rather getting in there early and stopping the offending before it even happens. This just makes sense to me!”

We work across Greater Manchester and beyond to reduce anti social behaviour (ASB) through prevention and early intervention; this just means we ‘nip things in the bud’ before they become a bigger problem, it’s common sense really, not rocket science.

All of our work is face-to-face, either in venues or on the streets, we believe it is impossible to reduce ASB or stop someone from offending if you are sat behind a desk reading Government policies, sending endless emails and holding meetings that lead nowhere. We need action, we all should demand action now.

But we all need to do our part as well, we can’t just sit back and wait for someone else to solve our problems. As a society, we have become too reliant on the Council, Police and Government to solve all our problems for us, the truth is they can’t solve them, only we can solve our problems. We may need some help and support to do it, but the responsibility to improve our communities is still ours.

Mancunian Way have been awarded the following:

  • 2016 – Time To Shine Award 2016 - Key 103
  • 2016 – NW Charity of the Year – E3 Business Awards
  • 2015 – Time To Shine Award 2015 - Key 103
  • 2015 – Pride of Eastlands 2015 – Eastlands Homes
  • 2015 – Unsung Hero 2015 – NWG Network
  • 2014 – Pride of Gorton Award 2014 – Greater Manchester Police
  • 2014 – Redemption & Justice Award 2014 – No Offence!
  • 2014 – Stop Loan Sharks Award 2014 – Illegal Money Lending Team
  • 2013 – The Flame Award – sponsored by Greater Manchester Police

Peter Fahy, Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police“It is clear that Mancunian Way impressed the judges and are committed to working with young people to reduce anti-social behaviour. It is great to see that there are so many local charities encouraging community effort.”

Deborah Oakes, Detective Inspector, Protect Team: “We have been working with Mancunian Way’s Safer Streets project for 6 months and have really benefited from this partnership approach. We would fully support them with any project that prevents and detects young people who may be at risk of sexual abuse.”

Cllr Bernard Priestdeputy leader of Manchester City Council: “Loan sharks prey on the most vulnerable members of our community and cause misery in our communities. Although the Illegal Money Lending team has done some fantastic work locking up loan sharks and ensuring their victims have the confidence to come forward, the war against them is being fought on a number of fronts and charities such as Mancunian Way need to be applauded for helping educate Manchester residents against the dangers posed by loan sharks.”