Challenge & Support

Challenge & Support is an early intervention project aimed at young people to ‘nip things in the bud’ before poor behaviour or lack of supervision develops into something more serious or ruins the young person’s life before it has even started. 

This project has been running in Manchester for nearly 10 years (recently stopped due to cuts) and has had great results in reducing ASB issues for good, reducing complaints, stopping young people from getting involved in the criminal justice system, ensuring parents take responsibility, highlighting support needs and saving police patrol time.

Do you have continuing youth nuisance hotspots?

Do you need parents to take greater responsibility of their children?

Are you worried that without intervention things will just get worse?

If you answer YES to any of the questions then this project is you for. We can facilitate this project using our own dedicated officers or we can train your staff to achieve the same results, including regular evaluations and support packages to enable this extra workload to be bolted on to an existing role.

This project has been tried and tested for a decade, it works.


We Challenge:

  • we challenge all poor behaviour, no matter how small
  • we work with the Police, Council and Housing Providers to identify offenders
  • we send parents warning letters about their child’s behaviour or activities
  • we conduct interviews with young people and parents to discuss their behaviour
  • we ask young people and parents to sign Acceptable Behaviour Contracts
  • we refer continuing poor behaviour to enforcement agencies for further action to be taken

We Support:

  • we build professional relationships with young people (not friendships)
  • we educate around anti social behaviour; the meaning of ASB, the impact on people and communities, perceptions and consequences
  • we educate around alcohol and drug misuse, personal safety, sexual exploitation and other topics
  • we report all safeguarding issues to relevant agencies as a priority
  • we offer help and support on many youth matters and link in with relevant agencies

We can supply C&S Officers from as little as £10K per year, or alternatively, we can train your staff to undertake the role including continuing support from £1500 per year, following years save approx 50%.

For more information on this project then please contact us.