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Change4Good - Homeless Outreach

Change4Good is a street outreach project supporting rough sleepers, beggars and the homeless community on the streets of Manchester City Centre.

Our aim is to get people off the streets and into appropriate accommodation and access to support, purely for the benefit of the individual.

We are only focused on the best outcome for the individual and tailor our service to meet the unique needs of each vulnerable person. We help anyone who calls the streets of Manchester their 'home' to access a proper home: you know the sort of home we mean - with four walls, an indoor bathroom, a central heating system and a door to lock at night to keep you safe.

We want to ensure that people are supported to access the most appropriate accommodation for them, so they do not end up back on the streets calling a doorway 'home'.

To achieve this there are many barriers to overcome – poor physical and mental health, alcohol / drug use, lack of appropriate and affordable housing to name just a few. And let's not forget the red tape and bureaucracy involved in dealing with local government.