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Change4Good - Homeless Employment

Change4Good is an employment brokerage project aimed at securing employment opportunities for rough sleepers, former homeless individuals and those at risk of homelessness.

Manchester is the nation’s 2nd city and the heart of the Northern Powerhouse with employment opportunities galore; the secret is knowing where to look and having the confidence to speak to people you do not know.

Change4Good aims to bring together: employers who have vacancies, and unemployed individuals who just need a break and an opportunity to prove to themselves that they are valued members of society and have the necessary skills to contribute and earn a living.

Not everyone who is unemployed is ready to work and take on responsibility. Many people are on a journey that may lead to employment but they are still a long way away. These individuals are not ready for Change4Good and need to be supported by professional agencies until they are ready.

Change4Good only accepts referrals for individuals who are job ready now and have the necessary support network around them.  Case study here