Community Engagement

We have a vast amount of experienced at engaging tenants, residents and the general community: on the doorstep, at events, fundays and even on the street! Our community engagement project to Stop Loan Sharks is an award winning project! 

Our team have an array of different experience and skills, ranging from former housing officers, youth workers to teaching assistants and children home carers.

It doesn’t matter which community you are trying to engage and what for, our skills are transferable.


We have supported Affinity Sutton Housing Association many times:

  • Intergenerational Projects – getting the young and ‘not so young’ together to have fun and breakdown barriers
  • Training Courses – signing up local tenants for employment courses
  • Consultations – speaking to residents on the doorstep and in busy locations

We have supported Eastlands Homes:

  • Fundays – to foster community spirit
  • Resident Groups – action planning and up-skilling management committees so they can be more effective
  • Youth Conference – ensuring that young tenants have a voice and influence future plans