Meet The Team

Nick Buckley – Charity’s Founder (LinkedIn)

Nick is the driving force behind the Mancunian Way and is an extremely experienced professional in the field of reducing crime and anti social behaviour. He grew up on the streets of the Anson Estate in Longsight, South Manchester and witnessed crime and anti social behaviour on a daily basis within his community. He is in a unique position to use this first hand experience and his understanding of  inner city communities to tailor projects that make a difference.

He spent nearly 4 years as a Youth Nuisance Coordinator in East Manchester dealing with anti social behaviour, 2 years working across the City in several priority neighbourhoods, and the last 2 years based in Bootle Street Police Station in Manchester City Centre with responsibility for crime and anti social behaviour in the City Centre.

Nick was an integral part of the development of the RESPECT Agenda in Manchester, which was a city-wide project starting in 2006, focusing on resident’s priorities and ensuring partnership resources were focused on the areas of greatest need, at the time when they were needed the most. He also project managed the award winning RESPECT Action Neighbourhoods project in 2008, which focused on 6 priority neighbourhoods and was funded by the Home Office. Click here.

Nick’s work has been recognised over the years and he has even interviewed David Cameron PM live on radio, advised Gordon Brown’s Prime Minister’s Policy Unit and several local authorities throughout the country, was in the Lloyds Bank top 10 social entrepreneurs in the UK 2015 and is a Fellow of the School of Social Entrepreneurs, lectured at Manchester Metropolitan University on several ASB related subjects and has featured on Sky News as their ASB expert guest.

In previous employment he has been awarded:

  • 2009 – Divisional Homewatch Award - Greater Manchester Police
  • 2009 – Award for Excellence – RESPECT Action Neighbourhoods – Manchester City Council
  • 2008 – Mancunian Agreement Award – East Manchester Off License Forum – Manchester City Council
  • 2006 – Chief Constable’s Excellence Award – Partnership Working – Greater Manchester Police
  • 2005 – RENEW Award in Regeneration

Verity – Project Manager

  • manages the provision at our Salford Community Centre
  • highly experienced in working with young people
  • previous experience of working for local authorities in youth work
  • experience of detached street engagement
  • experience of sexual health training with hard to reach young people
  • passionate, energetic and dedicated


Helen – Office Manager

  • very experienced office manager
  • recently retired from a high street bank
  • volunteers on some of the youth projects, especially on the girls projects
  • has many skills and much experience in running successful projects



Charelle – Intervention Officer

  • Presently at MMU completing a degree in Youth & Community work
  • has a passion for working with young people
  • has a vast amount of personal experience of working with Manchester young people and guiding them to success



Paul – Change4Good Project Manager

  • Highly experience in the field of social housing
  • experience of working for housing associations
  • experience of working on the streets engaging homeless and vulnerable individuals
  • a good understanding of the pathways and support available for homeless people



Mike – Sports Coach

  • Very experienced at engaging young people through the use of sport
  • also works in Manchester primary schools
  • vast amount of experience working in Gorton, including organising sports for older youths, working on the streets and providing general youth activities
  • experience of working with the Fire Service to up-skill young people and to reduce local issues



Holly – Film Making & Editor

  • developing a career in Arts / film making
  • experienced gained at University of Manchester
  • edited many films for Mancunian Way
  • check them out: youtube



Vicki – Youth Outreach Project Manager

  • 1st class BA Hons degree (Childhood Youth & Community Studies)
  • over 15 years experience of working with children & young people in a variety of settings
  • semi professional musician
  • previously worked for Trafford Housing Trust, managing youth projects across Trafford as well as working for Liverpool Youth Service.
  • won several awards for working with young people
  • school Governor at Sale High, on the Standards & Achievement Board and Business Committee.


Sharon – Volunteer

  • Passionate about vulnerable people and their access to support
  • Highly experienced professional in the field of anti social behaviour reduction
  • Ex-educational welfare officer with experience of prosecuting parenting for not ensuring their children go to school
  • previous experience of working in Children’s Homes
  • organising truancy sweeps and attending police patrols
  • experience of Gangs, especially Girls and Gangs


Adrian – Intervention Officer

  • highly experienced youth worker with knowledge of many parts of Manchester
  • great ability to engage with young men while offering advice and guidance
  • has a good reputation city wide



Matt – Intervention Officer

  • currently studying a Masters in social work
  • loves and plays football
  • interested in bringing social work to the streets as a prevention method
  • passionate about giving young people the advice and guidance they need to be successful and productive



Lisa – Intervention Officerr

  • excellent engagement skills developed over a life time
  • passionate about young people and willing to go that extra mile
  • loves working on the streets
  • wants to be the difference that changes someone’s life



Lee – Intervention Officer

  • experienced youth worker
  • has a commitment to stop young people making poor choices
  • experience in teaching young people life skills



Norris – Intervention Officer

  • long term professional youth worker
  • worked all across Manchester
  • understands the difficulties that young people face



Janice – Intervention Officer

  • experience of working school
  • lots of experience of working directly with young people
  • has a long list of training achievements



Jenny – Intervention Officer

  • experienced youth worker
  • has conducted many roles for Mancunian Way, including management
  • excellent at creating new opportunities for young people
  • experience of finding young people employment opportunities



Business Ambassadors – supporting us, to support you!

To help support the charity and attract much needed help from the Manchester business community, we have hand picked a small bunch of amazing business people to be Ambassadors and promote us to businesses who really want to be part of the solution.

They come from many different businesses, ranging from financial services, self employed, cooperatives, construction and even hoteliers.




















Board of Trustees – 2017 – giving their time so we are successful

We have a fantastic board to oversee the work of the charity and to ensure we are working towards our objects of reducing anti social behaviour, reducing offending, changing lives and improving communities.


David Castle – Hello! I’m a Trustee and Chair of Mancunian Way. When I was asked to be a trustee of the charity I didn’t even have to think I knew I had to be part of it. I am a former police officer and have over 12 years banking experience with a well known high street bank with the last 6 years been in a management post in Manchester City centre. My current role is client relationship manager for St. James’s Place dealing in all aspects of financial advise. I feel the valuable experiences I have gained over the year can be adapted to help assist where ever possible at Mancunian Way. 


Emily Manley - Hiya, I am a Trustee and the Vice Chair at Mancunian Way. I have a degree in Communication and Paediatric Nursing. I work as a Children’s Nurse at Manchester’s Children’s Hospital. I jumped at the chance to be part of Mancunian Way! We aim to tackle all areas of antisocial behaviour by different strategies of early intervention; working with children and young people to ensure that they see their potential and view their future in a positive way with excitement for all that life can offer them. This I am passionate about! I am happy for you to contact me if you have a specific question or comment about the charity.




Joe BeechI have been involved with Mancunian Way from its inception, having read an article about Nick’s plan to set up the charity in the Manchester Evening News and writing to express my support. This led to me joining the Board of  Trustees. I try to lend a hand where possible, having edited some of the great videos made by Nick and the kids as well as donning a ukulele and making techno music for some of the soundtracks. Outside of Mancunian Way I work as a musician and graphic designer and am proud to be a part of making a positive change for the next generation of Mancunians.



Kirsty Johnson – Hi, I started attending Mancunian Way youth sessions in 2013 when they first came to my Estate. After a little while I started to help out and volunteer, I enjoyed it so much that eventually they asked me to be an Associate Trustee which is a great honour. I want to help them understand young people better and make sure we are at the heart of every thing they do. I spent 3 years as one of the Gorton Young Ambassadors which was amazing, through this I won an award off the Police and was invited to Parliament!! I am now volunteering at the charity as a Young Leader and will be completing a youth work qualification this year.




Julie JordanI am originally from Wythenshawe and for the last 18 years have lived in Wilmslow. I studied Human Resource Management at the University of Salford. I have many years’ experience in a number of fields including HR, Recruitment, and Business Administration in the private and public sector and have set up and run a number of small businesses. More recently, In July 2015, I founded Virtualis PA offering Virtual Assistant and Call Answering Services to busy Entrepreneurs. I have always had an ambitious, driven and entrepreneurial spirit and in 2016 was the ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ Finalist in Pitman Super Achievers and nominated for a ‘National Women in Business Award’ with Forward Ladies. Being able to share experiences, resources, skills and contacts with Mancunian Way and support the Charity in achieving its goals, brings great satisfaction. I feel inspired being part of a great team.

Adam Holmes - Hi, I’m new to the trustee board in 2015 and also the Treasurer. I worked with Nick for several years in Manchester city centre and have followed Mancunian Way’s journey from the beginning. My day to day work is a variety of enforcement and compliance work for a local authority and I like the fact that Mancunian Way isn’t all about challenging people’s behaviour, it’s also about encouraging them, providing a support network and pointing them in the right direction. As a Manchester father, it’s clear to me that today’s youths are Manchester’s future and it’s great that Mancunian Way are out there supporting them.


Nick GittingsHi, I joined the trustee board in 2016 having been involved in generating funding to support MW’s Stay Safe project in the city centre. I am a qualified Chartered Accountant who worked in corporate finance for a number of years, before moving into the financial restructuring arena in 2009. I am a Director at Alix Partners, a UK and international consultancy firm. I am very excited to be able to work with Nick, my fellow trustees and the wider MW team as we continue to expand and enhance the charity’s work in the local community. I have huge admiration for Nick and the operational team at MW for the amount of time and enthusiasm they bring to their roles, and I see MW as a great opportunity for me to give a little back to the community that I now call my home (I am a proud Welshman at heart), providing support to young people who have not been as fortunate as myself in being afforded opportunities and role models to allow them to realise their potential.