Reducing Re-offending

‘Men Behaving Dadly’  

A new project designed to engage new fathers and young men on what is expected as a parent and how to be the best Dad possible:

  • how to be a positive role model and lead by example
  • how to play with your child, quality time, activities which are free
  • communications skills; explaining, not shouting
  • the importance of education
  • health and well being
  • developing and achieving
‘We Are Family’ 

A new project to address the rising trend of girls becoming involved in gangs.

This project will offer an unique view on how life in a gang effects the gang member adversely, but also how it effects their whole family. The project will be run by a mother and daughter team with real life experiences in this topic.

  • the history of girls in gangs
  • reasons why girls become members
  • consequences: individually, and family members
  • personal responsibility