Student Projects

‘Student Halls’  

Do you have certain individuals who cause anti social behaviour throughout the whole year?

Do you continually receive complaints about the same flat or individual?

Do you have problems with students smoking cannabis?

We offer a tailored made service to support management companies and front line staff in the smooth running of Student Halls. This service has already been used in several City Centre Halls and produced great results.

Don’t wait until you have major issues, early intervention is the key. We believe in ‘nipping things in the bud’ and intervening with individuals at the first opportunity. It is quicker, easier and cheaper than waiting until it has reached a more serious level or even criminal.

Mancunian Way can help you reduce ASB in the short term, train your staff to resolve ASB issues in the medium term, and improve your business into the long term.

We can help you tackle:

  • blatant cannabis use, other drug use and dealing
  • continuous reports of loud music
  • reports of repeat rowdy parties
  • foul language to staff and security
  • abusive and aggressive behaviour towards other students, staff or security
  • threats of violence to anyone
  • unwanted leafleting by clubs and promoters
  • issues outside your building
  • issues with non residents
  • acts of criminality
‘Student Survival Guide’  

A fun and entertaining presentation to offers students the information they need to make the right choice and stay safe. Sessions can be tailored to meet individual needs, time slots, venues and audience.  Topics covered are:

  • living in a big city
  • personal safety and how to stay safe
  • personal belongings and how to keep them
  • burglary prevention
  • alcohol and drug misuse
  • Anti Social Behaviour – victims and offenders
  • Actions & Consequences
  • Rights and Responsibilities


For more information on how we can help you then please contact us.