Support Us – to change lives and improve communities

To continue to carry out the important work we do, we need help and support!!


Make a donation using Virgin Money Giving

Do you have a Corporate Social Responsibility commitment? 

We would welcome developing real partnerships with Businesses and the Corporate Sector that enable us both to contribute our aim of changing lives and improving communities.

Your support isn’t about giving money, it is about looking at what you can do to help us carry on our work. You may have staff who want to volunteer with us, you may produce something we use, you may offer a service we need. Regardless of what you do or your size, there is always something you can do to be part of the solution.

Real partnerships should be a two-way street, we can offer you advice and support on crime and anti social behaviour prevention, train your staff to deal with issues themselves, educate your staff on personal safety, drugs, acceptable behaviour etc.

We can help you fulfill your corporate social responsibility commitments; organise community days, staff volunteering opportunities, engagement with young people, bespoke projects in specific locations tackling highlighted issues. We advertise and promote all partners that work with us and support us.


General Public and Community Groups?

The general public can also help to support us by using the Virgin Money Giving webpage to make a donation. Virgin forwards to us 100% of your donation and even claims back Gift Aid (Government Tax – 25% of donation) if appropriate.

No donation is too small; £1 pays for our Internet for 2 days, £5 pays for our printing & paper for a month, £10 pays for our outreach mobile phone for a month, £50 pays for a Youth Worker’s full shift on a Friday evening.
Do you want to organise a fund raising event for us?

  • organise a raffle or carboot sale
  • put on a concert or funday
  • fancy a sponsored walk, run or even a marathon?
  • already part of a community group? Let us be your charity of choice


All help and support received will be promoted and advertised through this website and our social media, so everyone can see who is helping us to change lives and improve communities.

Help us, to help you!