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Gorton Young Ambassadors – Spring Newsletter 2017: Ambassador Newsletter Spring 2017


Tameside Reporter – 12th April 2017

As part of his campaign to be the first elected Mayor of Greater Manchester, Andy Burnham MP, visited our Haughton Green project in partnership with Irwell Valley Housing. We wanted to show him what quality youth intervention looks like! Read the article in the Tameside Reporter.



Key 103 News – 7th April 2017

Key103 came along to our first Manchester Business Homeless Summit at the MacDonald Hotel to hear how businesses can be part of the solution and really help people off the streets, as opposed to enabling them to live in squalor. Article.


Manchester Evening News – 15th January 2017

Our homeless project Change4Good is featured in an article and explores the topic on the streets of Manchester city centre. Click Here.


Manchester Pride – 12th January 2017

Mark Fletcher, Chief Executive: “It was great to work with Mancunian Way at The Big Weekend event in 2016. Having experts in youth engagement on the ground advising young people on how to stay safe and also liaising directly with our security team had a real, measurable impact. The project displayed a great example  of partnership working”



Gorton Young Ambassadors – Winter Newsletter 2016:  Ambassadors Newsletter Winter 2016


Greater Manchester Police – 5th December 2016

Feedback for our Gorton Youth Outreach Project:

PS 09355 Tracy Mortimer, Gorton Police Station: “I have looked at the ASB figures and can report that there has been a decrease. September when you first started working with us there was 48 reported incidents, October there was an increase to 73, but obviously this was mainly due to the seasonal aspect and November it has dropped to only 25!! I can’t thank you and your team enough for the impact you are having on the community here in Gorton. I have been able to share these figures with the local Council and Councillors at the last two meetings I have been at for Gorton North and South and they too are really encouraged by the work which is being undertaken.”

Oliver Thompson, PCSO 66085: “The work Mancunian Way are doing is vital in deprived areas like Gorton, where disillusionment with the system amongst young people is high. It is great to see youths being engaged with on their own level, by people who show a genuine concern for their well-being. Working with Mancunian Way has allowed me as a PCSO to interact informally with local young people and help them to see me as someone who cares too, rather than just another figure of authority. This on-street engagement is a first step towards curbing anti-social behaviour and low-level crime – not to mention a fantastic way to signpost young people towards pursuing their hobbies and ambitions.”


BBC  - Ill Gotten Gains: Documentary – November 2016

The BBC produced this documentary on what happens to the money the courts confiscate off criminals under the Proceeds Of Crime Act, aka POCA. As a small charity that has benefited from some of this money, they came to speak to us. Click Here.



Manchester Evening News – 13th November 2017

Our 1st Charity Ball was a huge success at the Midland Hotel on 12th Nov, everyone had a great time and we raised over £7K for our projects. Some Corrie stars came along to help us celebrate our 5th birthday and this attracted the Press. Read the article in the M.E.N. We even got a mention in Hello magazine! Our next Ball will be November 2017!


Feedback from a resident in Gorton – Katherine Philips – 19th October 2016

“Hi. I just wanted to pass on my regards to Mancunian Way for the brilliant work happening in Gorton. I had a chat with your staff recently and they were working with the police. The nuisance appears less and I feel personally safer. The local shops were having trouble on Hyde Road but that seems to have reduced as I shop locally and the shop keeper said kids aren’t as bothersome.  Thank you again and I wanted to say well done.”


Feedback from partner agencies – October 2016

Our project tackling homelessness is really making a difference and earning the respect of partner agencies and is being seen as best practice for engaging vulnerable individuals on the streets.

Rachel Brennan, NHS, Urban Village Medical Practice: “Since first hearing about Change4Good I have been very impressed with the level of engagement and support they have been offering at street level. They proactively made contact with a wide range of organisations to promote effective working relationships and to ensure they were providing correct information to clients when signposting to services. As a health organisation we have been very impressed at the commitment of Change4Good in supporting people to access and engage with healthcare services and to ensure that health remains a priority throughout their engagement with clients. With homelessness increasing in Manchester and the level of unmet need I feel it is vital for a service to engage with people at street-level to provide support, advice and information in an informed and appropriate manner and yet many existing services do not have the capacity to do this therefore Change4Good is an extremely welcome service to promote engagement with services and to improve communication and integration between services.”

Amanda Croome, Booth Centre CEO: “The Booth Centre values the partnership with Change4Good and would be keen to support them to roll out the best practice that they have developed in delivering street based support to homeless people and people begging in the city centre to other projects and believe that they have the experience and the right approach to be able to do this successfully.”


Key103 Time To Shine Awards – 5th October 2016

Our CEO, Nick Buckley, wins Inspirational Person of the Year 2016 at the amazing Gorton Monastery for all the work and success he has achieved since setting up the charity 5 yrs ago.

Amazing story: From the beginning where he used his redundancy payout to run projects from his flat, to now where he employs 13 people, has free city centre offices, and just secured £500K from the Lottery. A great feel good story and a great Mancunian!!




That’s Manchester TV – 22nd August 2016

The TV station came to see us building our float for Gorton Day Parade at Cedar Mount Academy holiday club. Film


Gorton Young Ambassadors – Spring Newsletter 2016: CMA newsletter summer 2016


Charity of the Year – E3 Business Awards – 3rd June 2016

We were completely surprised when our name was announced as the NW Charity of the Year 2016. Click Here.

We now have to live up to this new accolade and continue to make a difference in the communities of greatest need.



Gorton Young Ambassadors – Spring Newsletter 2016: CMA spring 2016 newsletter


Manchester Business Radio – February 2016

Our CEO is interviewed to discuss how Manchester businesses can get involved to support the next generation of young people. Click here for interview.




Manchester Evening News – December 2015

As part of our new project, Change4Good, tackling homelessness in the city centre, we worked with the Gorton Young Ambassadors and other partners to collect items needed by the Booth Centre to help support individuals into more sustainable lives.





Gorton Young Ambassadors – Winter Newsletter 2015: CMA Winter Newsletter


Manchester Evening News  - October 2015

A local Police Officer and PCSOs came along to our Friday evening youth club in Gorton to provide DJ lessons to kids who wanted to learn how to be a DJ. The session went well and now the Police pop in any time they are passing. click here.





Key103 Time To Shine Awards – 9th October 2015

We won the Community Project of the Year 2015 at the wonderful Gorton Monastery from Key103 Radio. An amazing recognition for all our staff and volunteers!






Coop Respect Magazine – October 2015

The Coop featured us in their Autumn staff magazine and are promoting us to staff for volunteering opportunities. They have been supporting us for nearly 3 yrs with grants and other in-kind support.







Comments on our Stay Safe project

Ann Coffey MP said about our Stay Safe project: “I think the value of the project is youth workers going to where the young people are and where they may be vulnerable and at risk. We should all be committed to prevention.”

Melinda McCready, Regional Operations: “National Crime Agency fully support the work that Mancunian Way undertake, and support any applications for funding to continue and expand their vital intervention and prevention work in communities.”

Tony Lloyd, Police Crime Commissioner: “I attended the official launch of this project at the Virgin Money Lounge in the city centre and was impressed with how the project targets young people in locations of concern to prevent further victims of this horrendous crime through education and working in partnership with the police and other agencies.”


That’s Manchester TV – 2nd September 2015

Our CEO, Nick Buckley,  was invited onto their Late Show to talk about the charity, why it was set up and what exactly does it do. The show was in 2 parts and can be viewed: Part 1, Part 2.


That’s Manchester TV – 26th August 2015

Our Summer Club for primary school children in Gorton was featured as a positive news story by That’s Manchester TV. This great project was funded by Adactus Housing and Cedar Mount Academy. Click here for video.


Stockport Council – 7th August 2015

Stockport Council highlighted our Stop Loan Sharks week of action in Offerton. The project was run in partnership with several housing providers, police and the council. For article click here.

During the week we also organised a community funday which was featured on That’s Manchester TV, click here.




Manchester Evening News – 3rd August 2015

Our Sporting Parks project is featured in this article as a positive news story about young people enjoying themselves. This particular session was in Vine St Park in Abbey Hey, but we run this project in lots of parks.




Manchester Evening News – 24th July 2015

The Hilton Hotel in Manchester launches another funding opportunity for local charities who work with young people. We were lucky to receive funding last year for our Dig & Grow project, this project is featured in the launch of this year’s fund in the Manchester Evening News. Click Here.


Wo Magazine – 13th May 2015

Our Chief Exec is interviewed by Wo Magazine on the charity, begging and the future. To view the article click here.





Manchester Evening News – 4th April 2015

Our ‘Generation Game’ project bring young and ‘not so young’ together for fun, but also to find out a little more about each other. We use games from ‘the old days’ and modern games, as well as experimenting with foods from the past like Tripe!!





Pride of Eastlands Awards – 26th March 2015

We won the Outstanding Achievement Award at the 2015 Eastlands Homes Annual Awards Ceremony. We have been working on their estates for 3 years and recently moved into their Community House in Clayton.




NWG Network Awards – 18th March 2015

Our work over the last 3 yrs, including our Stay Safe project was nominated and won an Unsung Hero Award 2015 at the NWG Network Conference in Nottingham. Great recognition for the whole team.



Granada Reports – 8th January 2015

Our new project was featured on Granada Reports as we officially launched it at the Virgin Money Lounge in Manchester City Centre. ‘Stay Safe’ tackles child sexual exploitation through prevention and early intervention. To see the report click here.

Ann Coffey MP said about the project: “I think the value of the project is youth workers going to where the young people are and where they may be vulnerable and at risk. We should all be committed to prevention.”



Manchester Evening News – January 2015

The newspaper highlighted and discussed the forthcoming launch of our new project that tackles child sexual exploitation – Stay Safe. Click here for article.


Manchester Evening News – November 2014

Our CEO discusses illegal drugs, the Law and prohibition in the UK. It’s not everyone’s opinion!

For the full article click here.





Pride of Gorton Awards – October 2014

We did the double in these awards!! We won an award for our work improving Gorton for all, and one of our Young Ambassadors won ‘best young person’. These new awards were organised by the Police and held at the fantastic Gorton Monastery. Click here for full story.




Redemption & Justice Awards  - October 2014

We went to London as finalists in this national award organised by No Offence! We were happy to be have been nominated and reach the final, we never contemplated winning!! But our Safer Streets project has broken new ground and is now an award winning project.

To watch our nomination & acceptance video click here.




Feedback from Greater Manchester Police – July 2014

Deborah Oakes, Detective Inspector, Protect Team: "We have been working with Mancunian Way's Safer Streets project for 6 months and have really benefited from this partnership approach. We would fully support them with any project that prevents and detects young people who may be at risk of sexual abuse."


Stop Loan Sharks 2014 Award Winner – June 2014

We won the ‘Stop Loan Sharks’ 2014 Award as organised by Regional Government and the Illegal Money Lenders Team.

Cllr Bernard Priest, deputy leader of Manchester City Council: “Loan sharks prey on the most vulnerable members of our community and cause misery in our communities. Although the Illegal Money Lending team has done some fantastic work locking up loan sharks and ensuring their victims have the confidence to come forward, the war against them is being fought on a number of fronts and charities such as Mancunian Way need to be applauded for helping educate Manchester residents against the dangers posed by loan sharks.”

Tony Quigley, Head of the Illegal Money Lending Team: “We are thrilled to highlight the hard work of Mancunian Way in helping us raise the profile of the Illegal Money Lending Team. Through their work in communities we know people are less afraid to speak out against loan sharks, and are aware that help and support is available to them”



Manchester Evening News – 26th May 2014

We made a film with local young people to educate the whole community on how to be a good neighbour. The film was part funded by the John Thaw foundation (Inspector Morse).

To view the film, click here.





United Biscuits Newsletter – 16th March 2014

It was nice to see that our visit to McVities was showcased to all staff nationwide as a good example of supporting the local community.

Our visit was excellent, it was like winning a golden ticket for Willy Wonka’s factory!!




Manchester Evening News – 14th March 2014

Good article about our new youth gardening project called ‘Dig & Grow’ in Gorton.

A project for young people to grow their own food and then learn how to cook it. The article highlights the support we have had from outside Gorton.





Manchester Evening News – 10th February 2014

Great article about us and our projects. We were in the finals for a ‘Be Proud Award’ 2013, we didn’t win but was recognised for our outstanding work.






Feedback from a Gorton Lad – 6th February 2014

Kaden T (11yrs): “I never thought this club would be so good!

Gorton Lads Club runs weekly and is free to access. It consists of a small boxing gym, pool table, Wii console, table football etc. We try to add value by inviting guest speakers to engage with the lads, such as, police, fire service, housing providers etc.





Feedback from the John Thaw Foundation – 17th January 2014

Gorton Young Ambassadors made a film to highlight what it takes to be a good resident. The film was part funded by The John Thaw Foundation; the late John Thaw (Inspector Morse) was born and raised in Gorton.

Actress Sheila Hancock: “John would have been proud and agreed with what the film says. Please congratulate them for us!

To watch the film click here.



Feedback from Affinity Sutton Housing Association – 15th December 2013

Helen Hawxwell - Employment and Training Manager – “Ready2Work has worked with Mancunian Way a number of times and we are planning some more activity in the coming months. Mancunian Way are experts at engaging with our residents, and are a responsive, proactive and driven organisation with the skills and the local knowledge to deliver innovative and successful projects and build effective relationships. A particular strength of the organisation is their excellent links with the press and ability to influence and engage a range of partners and stakeholders in our communities, as well as engage our residents. This has been proven in the press coverage generated by the Community Ambassadors programme in Manchester, and the raised profile of both Mancunian Way and Affinity Sutton as a result of this.”


Feedback from Affinity Sutton Housing Association – 10th December 2013

Lisa Louis – Head of External Communications at Affinity Sutton: “Mancunian Way are excellent at showcasing their work on our estates using social media and even mainstream Press. They continually link posts and stories to our social media accounts, and through these posts they raise our profile as a proactive social landlord, as well as keeping our tenants engaged and updated. We continually look forward to their updates!”


Feedback from Nick Hurd MP – 8th November 2013

Our Safer Streets project was nominated for a Compact Award and reached the awards ceremony in London on 6th Nov 2013. We didn’t win but we gained national recognition.

Nick Hurd, Minister for Civil Society: “This year’s Compact Awards drew more nominations and of a higher standard than ever before. All of the short listed nominations were of a very high quality, and it is a testament to the strength of the ‘Safer Streets’  programme that it achieved this level. The judges were particularly impressed by the programme’s partnership working and close collaboration with a range of voluntary and community organisations and statutory bodies to tackle serious issues.


Manchester Evening News – 4th November 2013

The newspaper highlights our project to advertise the additional funding to the community to run their own Hate Crime Awareness event.






Feedback from University of Manchester – 18th October 2013

In partnership with the University we ran a drama project on the theme ‘Manchester Made Me’. Our girls group, Girls Don’t Crime, and 2 drama students created the piece in conjunction with Akiel Chinelo. Click here for the video

Dr. Alison Jeffers: “Prof. James Thompson has asked me to pass on his thanks and appreciation for the work that you put into the event last week. He is really pleased with the contribution that the project made to the Arts Access Fair and to the celebrations for the 10th anniversary of the Martin Harris building.”




Feedback from Mum of a Young Ambassador – 24th September 2013

In partnership with the Hilton Hotel in Manchester, we arranged for Kieran Higgins to spend the day cooking in the Hilton’s kitchen with the Head Chef, David Gale. Kieran made a 3 course meal for his Mum and other young people from Gorton.

Kieran’s Mum: “I would like to say a MASSIVE thank you to you for giving my son this fantastic opportunity..!! He did amazingly well working alongside the Hilton Head Chef yesterday, who Kieran had only great things to say about. It has given him THE biggest confidence boost..!! The food was fantastic..!! Great company, and beautiful surroundings x thank you so so much to everyone involved..I was a VERY proud mum..!! Xx”



Manchester Evening News – 13th September 2013

Our Gorton Community Games is featured in the newspaper. A great community day organised by our Young Ambassadors. We are hoping to make this an annual event.



Manchester Evening News – 9th September 2013

We are highlighted as a beneficiary from last years WISH campaign and an applicant for this year’s campaign. The Manchester Evening News runs WISH every year and through it, supports local charities.  Click here.


Prime Minister comments on Mancunian Way: “You’re bang on!” – Thursday 8th August 2013

Our Chief Executive quizzes the Prime Minister, David Cameron, on what Government is going to do to combat low level anti social behaviour and promote personal responsibility. The interview was on Capital Radio with a select group of experts in their field. We left our contact details with him and the offer of an insight into how inner cities really work. Click link for interview: Interview






Manchester Evening News – 28th June 2013

Our latest project is featured in the newspaper, Young Ambassadors, working with local young people in Gorton to prepare them for a working life. We are working the Hilton, O2 and other businesses to offer work experience and placements, conduct mock interviews and job applications. All young people involved will also work towards an accredited qualification in Employability Skills.






Manchester Evening News – 24th June 2013

Our Chief Executive, Nick Buckley, is interviewed regarding his views on the Criminal Justice System, stopping offending, victims and a Magistrate who spoke out. Click here.



Manchester Evening News – 6th May 2013

Follow up article about our week of action in Moss Side to stop loan sharks. Click here.



Ashbury Meadow Primary School – 3rd May 2013

Neil Long, Deputy Headteacher“I thought Crime Doesn’t Pay was a wonderful project. Having Mancunian Way and two PCSOs was extremely valuable to the children who were able to learn about the consequences of crime and anti-social behaviour from experienced professionals working in this area in the real world. Having visitors in class allowed the children to ask questions directly and to engage in thought provoking discussions. The children reported that they felt the whole experience very useful and important and that they understood much more about the consequences of crime as a result. The visits to the Police Museum were motivating, extremely enjoyable and complemented the class session very well indeed. The role-playing activity in court and the opportunity to visit the cells, as well as the other activities at the museum, were excellent allowing the children to learn in a hands on and practical way – the children were hooked and engaged the whole time. I have included the project as evidence of our school helping children to develop their understanding of morality and social skills - something which OFSTED would monitor on inspection: Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development.”


Manchester Evening News – 29th April 2013

Our week of action in Moss Side to raise awareness of the pitfalls of using illegal money lenders, aka Loan Sharks. Click Here.



Russia Today TV – 12th April 2013

Our Chief Executive was interviewed on Russia Today TV, by phone from Moscow, to discuss anti social behaviour in the UK, the causes and the solutions. Click here for article.



Lift Off Magazine – 6th March 2013

Click here for full story on page 7.


Illegal Money Lenders Team – 30th January 2013

Joanne Hartley, Regional Lead:Mancunian Way hold a great knowledge of the communities that they are working in, which enables them to target resources and reach out to the grass root communities. They are very much aware of the social problems in our communities and the way to best tackle the problem effectively for that community. Engaging local people to offer them help and support and provide them with the knowledge of other agencies that can help them, their friends and their neighbours.


Manchester Evening News  - 28th January 2013

Our Hate Crime Awareness event was featured in the newspaper. Click Here.



Greater Manchester Police @GMPBlackley – 26th January 2013

via Twitter: “@1mancunianway A very significant award to you all to celebrate your first year of hard graft #RewardTime :)


The Flame Awards 2013 – 25th January 2013

We were awarded our latest award by the new Police & Crime Commissioner for Greater Manchester, Tony Lloyd,  in the category of  ‘Manchester in the Community’ sponsored by Greater Manchester Police. Click here to see video of the event.

Peter Fahy, Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police: “It is clear that Mancunian Way impressed the judges and are committed to working with young people to reduce anti-social behaviour. It is great to see that there are so many local charities encouraging community effort.”

Police & Crime Commissioner Tony Lloyd:Congratulations to Nick and the team at Mancunian Way on winning this award. Anti-social behaviour is often deemed as low-level crime, but in reality it is a blight on many of our communities, making victims’ lives a misery. Only by the police, local authorities, housing associations and third sector organisations working with local people can we tackle anti-social behaviour and together build the safest communities in Britain.


Feedback from Affinity Sutton Housing Association – Thursday 24th January 2013

Nicola Carr - Neighbourhood Housing Manager - “Affinity Sutton has been working in partnership with Mancunian Way for several months and we’ve seen such a positive impact on our estates.  The charity employs dedicated and enthusiastic local people to deal with local issues and they’re not afraid to get their hands dirty.  The results have been fantastic and we have seen a marked change in the attitude of young people they have worked with.  Speaking personally to a number of girls who completed the ‘Shimmer & Shine’ course was particularly inspiring; these young girls, by their own admission now realise the impact that their actions have on the community and by working with the charity have been empowered to set up their own group call ‘Girls Don’t Crime’ a fantastic legacy for Nick and his team.  I hope we can continue to work with Mancunian Way in the future to the benefit of our residents and local communities.”


Sky News – Thursday 12th December 2012

On the launch of the Government’s new proposals to tackle anti social behaviour, Sky News followed our team for half a day to understand the subject better, speak to victims and test the new proposals. Click here.


Manchester Evening News – Thursday 6th December 2012

On behalf of the North West Illegal Money Lenders Team we organised and ran the Newton Heath – Week of Action to Stop Loan Sharks.  loan shark MEN 6.12.12


53 Degrees Magazine, Chamber of Commerce – Monday 3rd December 2012

The Chamber’s monthly magazine, 53 Degrees, interviewed us and produced a full page feature on history and philosophy of Mancunian Way.

53 Degrees Mag Dec 12


Feedback from Cooperative Academy – Thursday 29th November 2012

David Casey, Off-Site Education Manager: “I must say that the sessions that you put on were very informative and enjoyable, the students all engaged with yourselves and gave some interesting comments about things that they had heard re things about sex and everything that goes with it. I would have no problems  in recommending you to other schools in fact I have mentioned to the VP and the Principal that we should have you back to deliver to the year 10 and 11.”


Feedback from a Gorton Mum & Member of a Residents Committee – Wednesday 21st November 2012

“I would like to say that we had a group called Mancunian Way on our estate for the last few months and this has made a vast difference. I have seen an improvement since they have been here, as the youths that cause anti social behaviour and other stuff ie. Drugs, have now gone off the estate. My son recently went on a trip with them to the Police Museum and saw things about crime. I am part of the residents group and we are looking for more funding to keep them on our estate. “


Feedback from a resident – Wednesday 7th November 2012

Hi, just wanted to say a huge thank you for all your help with my daughter’s problem with her neighbour and the drug dealing that goes on.. The quick response & the way you kept us informed at every stage has been brilliant. I’m just glad I found you on Facebook and to be given this level of support without any cost has been amazing. Now we know how to tackle this problem (if it should arise again) confidently on our own. I have told all my friends about this charity and think the work you do is vital these days. I hope I shall not have reason to ask for help again but I rest easy knowing I can contact you for advice any time. MANY THANKS AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!”


Manchester Evening News – Wednesday 7th November 2012

We are highlighted as one of the charities that the newspaper is supporting during its WISH campaign. Click here for full article.



Feedback from a Gorton Mum – Tuesday 30th October 2012

Joanne from Darras Street: “My son went on a trip on Tuesday, along with a group of other children, with 2 workers..Michelle and Verity, and he had a fantastic time..!! These two ladies are worth their weight in gold let me tell you..!! What this charity does is so so important to so many children and young adults. The sheer dedication from you guys is outstanding..!! My son has Aspergers Syndrome and ADHD, this didn’t phase the girls one bit, they treated him to a fab day out..thank you so much.x You guys work above and beyond, and the work you do is inspirational..!! x”


Manchester Evening News – Monday 22nd October 2012

We are used as a case study of a success that came directly out of the austerity cuts last year within the local Councils.

Click here for the full story.


Feedback from Blackley Scouts – Friday 12th October 2012

Andrea Clarke, Scout Leader: “The scouts had a great evening thanks Michelle and Nick, looking forward to the next one …..”


Feedback from ‘St George’s Community Centre’ – Monday 20th August 2012

The young people from St George’s in Collyhurst attended our ‘Crime Doesn’t Pay’ project which explores the criminal justice system. They had plenty to say: exciting, good stuff, fun, interesting, great, cool. 100% of the young people would recommend the project to a friend, 80% said they were less likely to get involved in crime now. To see the photos from the day click here.


Manchester Evening News – Monday 6th August 2012

Chef’s bid to cook up a brighter future – Click Here

(slight error in the article, David Gale is still the Head Chef at the Hilton and not the former Head Chef)


Greater Manchester Police @GMPCheetham – Thursday 7th June 2012

via Twitter: @1mancunianway excellent Drug Awareness event today. Very informative and great to see Nick and Michelle – truly inspirational people”

Feedback from Tung Sing Housing Association - Thursday 7th June 2012

Yen Tan, Service Improvement Coordinator at Tung Sing:

“It was great to work with Mancunian Way. They trained our young tenants to become Drug Advisors, as well as empowering them to deliver a ‘drug & alcohol awareness’ event. Staff members of Mancunian Way are very professional, organised, friendly and helpful. Mancunian Way made the project a success and a memorable day for our youth leaders. They made the event bigger than we expected. The project wouldn’t have been a success without the professional advice and support provided by Mancunian Way. Apart from increasing the knowledge of our young tenants, they has also supported the young people to become more independent and take on responsibilities. We really appreciate the work they have done.”


Inspiring Communities Conference – Thursday 31st May 2012

via Twitter by @benjonesHU: “Thought you was brilliant Nick! It’s clear your very passionate with what you do! Really got a lot from your talk!”

Feedback from ‘Youth Inspirations’ – Thursday 3rd May 2012

Evaluation comments from the young people of Cheetham who attended our Drug Awareness training: “Excellent”, “young person friendly”, “crystal clear”, “learnt a lot”. 100% of participants stated they would recommend the course to a friend.


Feedback from Sky News interview – Tuesday 27th March 2012

Mr C Child via email: “I’ve just watched Nick Buckley on Sky News and I cannot express fully  how he impressed me with his summing up of the “it’s me” syndrome. Is his a voice in the wilderness or will politicians ever sit up, listen, think and start acting?”


Manchester Airport Police @GMPMcrAirport – Monday 12th March 2012

via Twitter: “Productive meeting with Nick Buckley @1mancunianway this morning – flexible & innovative solutions to Anti Social Behaviour reduction.”

Learning Together Partnership – Thursday 19th January 2012

When I attended the Partnership Project, I got more out of the Mancunian Way’s presentation than anything else.” by Alan Campbell, Counsellor in HMP Greater Manchester and Eastlands Homes resident


The Irish World – Wednesday 4th January 2012

Youth win when man loses his job. Click Here.


Sky News – Thursday 15th December 2011

Mancunian Way Says: Dedicated People, Not Govt Policy Needed. Click Here.


Manchester Evening News – Monday 12th December 2011

Caring, the Mancunian Way: Axed community worker uses pay-out to set up charity for troubled teenagers. Click Here.



Katherine Philips

I just wanted to pass on my regards to Mancunianway for the brilliant
work happening in Gorton. I had a chat with your staff recently and
they were working with the police. The nuisance appears less and I
feel personally safer. The local shops were having trouble on Hyde
Road but that seems to have reduced as I shop locally and the shop
keeper said kids aren't as bothersome.
Thank you again and I wanted to say well done.