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Mancunian Way - Engage Prevent Believe


Mancunian Way charity supports and engages disenfranchised young people who are at risk of becoming involved in crime and anti-social behaviour, as well as putting themselves at risk by making poor choices.

We build relationships with young people; listen to their concerns and worries; offer support and signpost to relevant services. And ultimately give them the confidence and tools they need to make positive informed choices that improve their own life outcomes now and into the future.

We work at the times of greatest need, in the neighbourhoods of greatest need, with the young people in greatest need.

This isn’t easy work. Young people do not usually want to be engaged with, are suspicious of new faces and many feel life has let them down.

We purposely seek out these young people.

This work usually takes place during the evening or at weekends. You will find us in local parks, on street corners or at locations experiencing youth related problems or concerns.

We build trust, as simple as that. Without trust we can do nothing.

Without trust we are just another adult not be listened to, or believed.

We go to where young people are. It may sound common sense, but what do you do if the young people you need to help do not go to local youth clubs, or have been banned for poor behaviour. We get onto the streets and find them! We visit parks, local shops and walk around defined areas until we find young people.

We treat young people as equals. We give them respect, allow them to unload and discuss their fears and concerns for the future. It is only when serious conversations can be facilitated that we are then in a position to advise, guide and support. We allow young people to make their own decisions. Our role is to ensure they have the right information, some knowledge on the topic, and the confidence to make positive informed choices.

All our work is conducted on the streets, ranging from educational sessions on drugs and relationships, to CV writing and job searches. To add value to some of these sessions we use our mobile office that has wifi, laptops, information and a safe space to discuss private and confidential matters.